AP Roadmap

Thank you for installing the AP Roadmap.

The AP Roadmap was developed during the OSD "DMS&T Producibility Modeling" program to promote knowledge, use, and application of Producibility Modeling throughout the defense industrial community.

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Q: "I have installed the AP Roadmap successfully, but nothing shows up under the start menu or on the desktop. What gives?"

A: If you received the AP Roadmap through a distributed disc, there is a known issue where only an Administrator can install & run the program.

A patched installer is now available for download. This installer will allow standard users to run the program without issue.

Alternatively, standard users may unzip & run this small file after running their disc install. This file should make the APRoadmap appear both on your desktop and in your start menu:


If you still experience issues installing, please contact Design Profit Technical Support at: